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RFP – Web Development request for proposa​l


Seeking an external web developer or agency to provide a proposal on the initial phase1
build for a new startup peer to peer website for the home sitting market in Australia. Existing
competitor sites include; &
Ultimate goal is to have a current 10,000 House Sitter members @$45 annual membership
and 2,000 free house listings on the Australian site at any time.
Three month goal 1,000 House Sitter members @$30 annual membership and 500 free
house listings. Sitter Paid Membership expected to be around $10 CPA.
USP – Unique Selling Proposition
1. Most trusted Aussie house sitting web site. Every Home Sitter and Home owner are
verified… (sms verification)
2. Most active web site – all listings are current and members regularly login to the site.
3. Social social social – social logins FB & G and Build a real community for sitters &
owners – events and offers (pet angle)
4. We are 100% Aussie owned & run

Key Assumptions

The business owner is to own all source code, assets and be the admin for
any third party tools and services.
Phase 1 is to build a proof of concept web site that has core functionality that outperforms
current market competitors and release it to the Australian market.
The developer will continue to provide support for a further agreed to hourly rate post
Timelines to publishing Phase 1 website:
1. First full website proof expected 31/05/2018
2. Pre Publish Acceptance Testing & Publish 16/5/2018
Phase 2 is to seek funding to enhance the web site, build native iOS & Android app versions
as well as scale out to New Zealand & UK markets.

Hosting Environment, CMS & Codebase

To be determined based upon web developer recommendations based upon the
development scope and requirements. Would be nice to have a staging environment where
changeings can be fully tested prior to going live.

Creative/Media/Front End Requirements
● Owner to provide wireframes of core pages & digital assets
● It’s critical that the site provides a good and intuitive user experience (UX) at all times
across all devices, operating systems & browsers
● Developer to build web page templates based from wireframes and the
site theme.
● Site should be responsive i.e. using bootstrap so a single code base loads across all
devices, screen sizes & web browsers
● Site should flow SEO best practice and be optimised for targeted keywords
● Site will need to be easily re-skined for different country markets, including the need
for currency support

Functionality Proposed
Must have items for first release
● Owner & staff must have ability to add/manage and maintain static content/pages
● Users must have the ability to use there own personal social media accounts to login
& account sign up to this site

● SMS verification process is required
● There should be a blog component i.e. WordPress
● Require a admin job area where owner & staff can add/modify/schedule various
operational EDMs and Operational Emails to members
β—‹ Competition Entry Confirmed
β—‹ Member Emails
β–  Welcome email
β–  Password reset
β–  Review owner/sitter – 1,3 & 10 days after end date
β–  Owner just reviewed you, review back
β–  General newsletters, what’s new, donation volumes, popular listings,
competition statuses, community, testimonials, promotions and offers.
β–  Prompt members to upgrade account based upon membership level
β–  Haven’t logged in for awhile can we help with anything
β–  Owner/Sitter cancellation & amendment notices
β–  Owner – your sitter will arrive in a few days, be ready

● Payment Gateway Integration with auto renewal memberships aset as default –
possible service provider Stripe
Phase 2 Items
● WebSite Skinned and rebranded for various international markets
● Location mapping, pins for sitter and house search results
● Android & iOS native applications
● Language & Currency Support

Supporting Project Scope Documents to be supplied by owner

Nav flowchart

DB Primary Tables

DB Tables Detailed

Page Wireframes

Style guidelines

Navigation, site size
All main search engine bots must be able to crawl and index all pages excluding robots.txt
Site should only load securely in https
From a coding perspective it’s estimated there will be a mix of static and dynamic pages :
● 25 x Static Front End Pages;
● 2 x location SEO pages that returns search results based upon the location, that
owner can replicate out to 100 plus pages
β—‹ Location Landing Page URLs for SEO purposes format
TLD/Keyword/State/Region/Town i.e.
β–  /house-sitting/aussie-house-sitting/ hard coded page link & marketing
landing page
β–  /house-sitting/queensland/brisbane/ hard coded page link & marketing
landing page
β–  /house-sitters/
β–  house-sitters/aussie-house-sitters/
β–  /house-sitters/queensland/brisbane/
β–  /house-sitters/queensland/cairns/
β–  /house-sitters/nsw/sydney/

● 2 x Dynamic Pages being the Find A Sitter & Find a Home search results pages;
β—‹ /house-sitting/ (main landing & search results page)
β—‹ /house-sitters/
● 8 x Member Profile Admin Pages;
● 15 x Company Admin pages for reporting & email/job scheduling;

From an SEO perspective navigation will look like this:
● Page extension to be determined i.e. html/php/aspx
● Home page
● Inner Front End Pages

3​rd​ Party Integrations
It is expected we will need help integrating & setting up these services.
● Mailchimp – for newsletter signups
● Livechat – for our reservations team to manage real time guest communications
● Google GTM – Tag Manager
β—‹ Google Analytics – Including Ecommerce, Goal & Event Tracking
β—‹ Facebook Pixel Tracking – Conversions tracking & Audience Lists
β—‹ Google Adwords – Conversions tracking & Audience Lists
β—‹ Twitter Account
β—‹ Youtube Channel
β—‹ Linked In
β—‹ Bing Account
● Google Search Console
● Goolge My Business
β—‹ Need to make sure all Google services are linked correctly
● Instagram Feed
● Youtube Videos
Licensing & any external costs
List all costs related to maintaining the site
● Hosting
● Software
● Dev Support Rate
● Livechat (
● SMS Service (Twilio/fonedynamics)
● Payment Gateway (Stripe)
● Mail Server (Sendgrid)

Site Security
The site must be secure from hacking with no possible way of Admin or Members
secure/personal data being accessible. Also need to defend against people scraping the site
and member/listing details

Acceptance Testing
Expect unlimited revisions to be included in the 1st Phase build.
Pre Release
● Internal Full Site Scan – Screaming Frog returns 0 http 500 & 400 errors
● Site is fast and responsive
● Google or any bot must not index the site at any point pre-release
● All pages load https
● All GA tracking including event, goal & conversions are accurate
● Site can be restored from backup – once of test.
Post Release (14 Days)
● Home page average load time is under 5 seconds with 20 concurrent users – Tool
Load Impact
● Google Site speed is >80
● Server logs have 0 http 500 errors
● Site Uptime is > 99.9% – Tool Hosttracker
● Visitors report no issues during the signup process including SMS verification
● Members report no issues creating/editing the profiles & listings
● All forms must be secure and stop script injection etc
● Should include common system and browser data – see db spreadsheet
β—‹ Timestamps set to Brisbane time zone (+10 GMT)
● Analytics event should fire on page/form opening & on submission
● Need to be able to block suspected bot submissions i.e. look for same ip submission
in quick succession and request a captcha field.
● All fields should have data validation and highlight on submission if data not valid or
Timelines & Workflows from scope of work to publishing live
To be provided by developer
Backup & maintenance plan – web manual updates
To be provided by developer. It’s critical that the site can be restored from the previous days
backup and steps to do so documented and tested.
SLAs – What is the process for urgent updates and response times

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