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Question: I’d like to do freelance writing in the naturopath space, any advice?

Answer: Sounds fun! I’ll split up my advice into the work you can do for others and the work you can do on your own website.

Naturopathy freelance writing

Some basic steps to getting started in freelance writing as a naturopath are:

  • Study naturopathy
  • Do a small amount of free work to build a portfolio so you can build credibility
  • Look into freelance writing websites
  • Approach naturopaths and publications directly

The first step is to get qualified in this space or have the willingness to do research-backed study so your work is helpful and not harmful to people. From here, you’re filled up with useful information and want to share what you’re learning with the world. We’ll look at building your own website soon but, firstly, we’ll look at how to build credibility and get freelance work. At this stage, you’ll want to write a few articles in a similar style to publications that you read. Not copying their work but learning to write in the constraints of their journalistic style.

Credibility can be gained through showing your work. This could be articles on your own website, could be through becoming a permissionless apprentice or through writing for journalists in the naturopath space through sites like HARO. This will be useful for you to show your craft and to be able to mention to future clients that you’ve written for ABCXYZ magazine.

Next step is checking out your options for freelancing websites for naturopaths:

  • Upwork is a site for you to list your skills, set your rate and promote your profile. You can lead clients to your Upwork profile or hope your clients find you on the site.
  • Fiverr is a marketplace where, instead of creating a profile and bidding on client-created jobs, you can create a standard job you perform i.e. writing 1,000 word articles on naturopathy for $100, and then promoting this job to your network + getting referrals from people searching on Fiverr
  • FlexJobs is a marketplace for you to find naturopath and health-related writing gigs to do from home
  • Textbroker pays you per word for your writing skills
  • ProBlogger offers a freelance job board for naturopath writers and bloggers
  • Constant Content provides a way for you to write naturopath articles and sell the articles to people through their marketplace
  • Scripted also has opportunities for beginner health writers

Ok, you’ve done some freelancing, and earned some money for selling your naturopath writing services, now what? Building your own website is a longer-term strategy for showcasing your skills and earning an income.

Your own Naturopath website

You’re ready to build your own website and start showcasing your talent. Some website builders that I’d recommend:

  • Squarespace – simple setup and beautiful design make this a good start
  • Carrd – you don’t want to write blog posts on your website and just need a one-pager? Try Carrd for a cheap alternative
  • Weebly – another simple website builder that is simple to use
  • WordPress – a more complex solution that you build on your own website hosting

Once, you’ve created your own website (WordPress is preferred for a more powerful website, even though it is more work to set up), I’d recommend looking into Income Schools’ Project24 to learn how to build a sustainable naturopath resource website over time. Ready to start writing? Look at what content you can write.

What content can I write?

As discussed on Freelancing School, here are a few examples of freelance writing jobs you can find online for inspiration:

  • Blog writing: creating content for business blogs
  • Copywriting: creating sales pages, landing pages, product pages, or emails designed to sell products and services
  • Content writing: creating content for white papers and ebooks; overlaps with blog writing and social media writing
  • SEO writing: creating blog posts and website copy focused on ranking in search engines like Google
  • Web content: writing for website pages; overlaps with blog writing, copywriting, and SEO writing
  • Social media writing: creating written content to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Video script writing: creating scripts for videos
  • Email writing: creating email newsletters and sales emails

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