I need to send reminder emails to my customers 30 days prior to expiry


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We are a small business and we currently use google sheets to monitor expiry dates for our customers. This is quite time consuming, however all our information is contained in google sheets and backed up daily. We use google sheets because of the real time function.
We were thinking of upgrading our process by creating a code in the spreadsheet to email customer and business owner with a generic text to remind them of their next safety inspection. Reminders will automatically send me an email when they are due and also the client. These email alerts are commonly sent 30 days prior to the inspection date in the spreadsheet.


There are plenty of ways to set this up that make it a little easier for you.

  1. You could upload your customer data into a custom Podio app (free trial) and use the Globiflow add-on to trigger a personalised email using database info to be sent 30-day prior to an inspection.
  2. You could load your contacts into Acuity and set up reminders to be sent 30-days prior to appointment.
  3. You could add your contacts in Drip or Mailchimp and use their date triggers to send emails.
  4. You could use appointment reminder software like Appointfix or GoReminders.

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