Online Form FAQ


On average, completion rates for standard forms, across all use cases, is around 14%, according to this research.
​Our average completion rates are 55%.

Looking to survey your clients, link to a custom contact form in your email signature, have an event registration form on your website or streamline your employment process? Ensure your forms remain on brand and engaging.

Common Questions

How does an app integration work?
Form & survey results are typically delivered via email, with the data also available in spreadsheet format. By connecting our form with your existing software (i.e. CRM software), data can be updated automatically when a new entry is received.

What is a custom vanity domain?
There are two ways to have a form presented to customers or staff – embed it on your website or send them a link.
By default, links to your forms are in the format .
Enabling a custom vanity name involves our team purchasing a domain name that will be used only for your survey.
An example might be an order form for a site called Better Cakes. We would purchase the domain name and this would be the address you could give to clients so they could order their cakes.

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