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Our team needs a shared inbox, what do we use?


There comes a stage in every business where they need to upgrade their email and ensure their whole team is using email as efficiently as possible.

For some teams, it’s setting up a Gsuite account and getting personal emails for the team but for other teams, especially the ones that was instant transparency with their business email, they’ll look for a shared inbox solution.

Running a shared inbox is a paradigm shift for most organisations as it move your team into managing a support@ or sales@ email address instead of replying from their individual business account. The main benefits of a shared inbox strategy are being able to switch out staff, seeing if staff are meeting SLAs, using saved replies/canned responses and tailoring the viewing permissions so each team only seeing their email inboxes.

Our top picks for shared inboxes are:

  • Help Scout – starts at $8 pm per user but most people will use the $15 pm plan (includes knowledge base + chat/contact website widget)
  • Front – starts at $15 pm per user (can also be used to reply to Facebook, Twitter and SMS messages)
  • Freshdesk – starts at $19 pm per user (includes time tracking with invoice integration)
  • Hiver & Keeping – used for shared Gmail inboxes

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