People love Asana: Is it right for your business?


If you’ve ever done an internet search for “beautiful project management software”, you’ve probably come across Asana. It’s one of our top 12 project management software systems in terms of design alongside Basecamp, Solo, Airtable, Process St, Roll, Pipefy, ClickUp, Flow, Sunsama, Ora and Roadmap. All beautiful software that your designers, and your eyes, will love.

Top reasons that some of our clients have fallen in love with Asana:

  • Beautiful checklists – if you’re a lists person, using Asana will be super intuitive for you
  • Teams/projects – a clear way for jumping between projects/teams and ensuring that people only see what they need to see
  • Simple reports and dashboards – looking for a dashboard that shows if your team is on track when comparing tasks assigned to task completed? Asana gives you a quick visual overview of the status of each project and also allows a team member to post the current status of the project in words for you to see, cutting down on asking people where a project is at.
  • Beautiful mobile app experience – all we have to say is that clean design works well on mobile.
  • Kanban view option – are you a lover of Trello but don’t want to work on two different systems? Switch it up for the Kanban view.
  • All the basics – task descriptions, due dates, commenting on tasks, followers, attachments, email in to the project and subtasks.

Now, the top reasons why some of our clients don’t suit Asana:

  • Top reason! Their way of doing work has been shaped by their current tools. It might be that they’ve used Excel for planning and the idea of planning projects using lists is too much cognitive work. Maybe they’ve used Trello and they want more information displayed on the front of the card view. Maybe they’ve used Podio and are used to workflows being triggered by moving an item to a new stage.
  • They want a different form of staff communication than what Asana offers. Maybe they want less work-based communication, private messaging etc
  • They want Gantt charts
  • They want detailed webforms that flow through to a project
  • Their clients will be logging in to use the software and they need a simpler or more complex client experience

Is Asana the right software for your business? We have no idea until we’ve had a chat, found out how you like to do things and then we can give you a good set of options.

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