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Perspective: Above & slightly to the left


There’s ol’ school advice to move towards working “on” your business rather than working “in” your business. It is true but it often met by the thousand reasons why there will never be enough time in the world to move away from doing your boatload of daily tasks.

For any hope at moving towards, perhaps, spending an entire day per week doing nothing “in” your business you’ll need a shift in perspective.

Instead of having a first-person perspective of your day-to-day business, you’ll need to have a 10,000ft view (or above & slightly to the left) so you can see your business as a little system within the business system within the ecosystem within the solar system.

You’ve got a blank space, a human (or a few) who can create value out of raw materials and an inflow of customers looking for value (because they’re short in time or skills to create the value themselves).

You then add in the beautiful constraints of time, regulations, resources…

And this, this is the canvas that you’re painting on each day, the ground you’re playing on each day.

You’ve got a brush or a ball and you’re creating art, making change, doing good, making progress, storing up value.

From this systems-thinking perspective, you start to see where energy is wasted, where resources can be stretched, where you can pour in love to boost moral, pour in mission to boost engagement, re-mark sidelines to ensure everyone plays on the field.

If you get a glimpse of this perspective or live it already, you’ll be in the position for continual improvement and a clearer path towards a super human business.

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Rich Peterson

I've spent the last 10 years planning, mapping & reimagining the processes of hundreds of SMBs. Whether the goal is more money, more time, more clarity or more customer smiles, my insightful process is worth every minute for my successful clients.
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