Planning a website build

There are a huge number of choices when it comes to ways to build your website. Whether you’re considering which way to build a new site or wondering if you’ve got the best option, you’ll find the information below helpful in “nailing and scaling” your website.
Your main options when building a website are:
  • Use a website builder (hosted on their computer)
  • Use an ecommerce store builder (hosted on their computer)
  • Set up your own hosting and install your own website builder (like WordPress)
  • Write your content on other platforms (like Facebook, Medium etc)

Side note: Some information around hosting. To self-host means you pay a smaller monthly fee for space on a secure computer for your website to live and be accessed. Alternatively, using a hosted website builder or ecommerce store means your website is hosted & maintained by an external company for a higher monthly fee.Β 

Let’s get some general costings around setting up your site:
  • Website builders generally cost around $US10 – $US20 per month for websites that don’t need ecommerce. Add ecommerce and the cost can be up to $US40 per month.Β 
  • For a more advanced ecommerce store, the price can range from $US30 per month to $US300 per month.
  • Hosting your own website will cost between $US5 and $US30 per month. If you install WordPress, you’ll want to also buy a theme for your website and this will be around $US70 (once-off payment).
  • Writing your content on other channels is free.Β 

Which option to choose?

Let’s narrow down your choices based on the main purpose of the site…
  • Selling & delivering physical or digital products – choose an ecommerce store builder like Shopify or Bigcommerce.
  • Business information + blog – use Squarespace or Weebly if you want a simple, non-technical option . Choose WordPress if you want to use a theme (potentially paying extra for the development) and have more styling choices.
  • Custom website – use WordPress and host the site yourself. Choose a simple hosting package with one-click install, choose a top-rated WordPress theme and customise the theme to speed up your website build.
  • Specialist website – ask me for tips. If you’re looking to build a website for curated content, a landing page, a directory, a social network, a marketplace etc, I’m happy to give tips on the best software to ft your needs & budget.
  • Have no time and want to create content – sign up to Medium and start writing!

Some final considerations

  • Websites built using website builders aren’t able to be exported across to other website builders. WordPress blogs can be exported.
  • Website builder sites can have their theme changed quite easily whilst maintaining content. WordPress sites can be a little trickier.
  • WordPress has a huge library of free & paid plugins to use on your site. This is a benefit but website builders also allow code from external services to be added to their sites i.e. newsletter signups etc
  • If you’re not super savvy, choosing self-hosted WordPress will be a challenge when you need to connect domain names, emails, install SSL etc. Either pay for a developer you know to complete this or hire someone through Upwork.
  • We’ll be looking at the options around sharing content from your website in future posts. Stay tuned!

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