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We’ve had a large increase in Australian companies looking to have their own CRM developed to suit their specific business needs. Through customising their Podio project management software, we’ve been able to cut down on their admin and train their staff easier.

Some common Podio development requests have been:

  • Podio leads management
  • Podio as a place to store contacts
  • Podio as an intranet with common files, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and FAQ sections
  • Using Podio webforms to conduct customer satisfaction surveys
  • Using Podio tasks to manage employee to-do lists
  • Setting up marketing campaigns in Podio to track results
  • Using a combination of text, gifs and screen-recording to create live staff procedure manuals
  • Having the ability to add comments to client activity and then print the client record & all comments to take into client meetings
  • Integrating Globiflow in Australian businesses to better manage complex Podio workflows & dashboards
  • Integrating Dropbox & Mailchimp inot Podio apps

Phew! We’ve been busy!! If your business needs any of the above services, get in contact and we’ll discuss your needs and potential solutions.

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