Quiz: Mastering How Teams Use Asana

Question 1: Where should you keep a template task for a requests project?
Answer 1: At the top of the project
Question 2: Once a new request is submitted, what should the project owner do? 
Answer 2: Triage the request and assign it the correct individual)

Question 3: What information is helpful to include in a meeting notes task? (check all that apply)

Answer 3:
  • Documentation of meeting participants
  • Links out to relevant tasks and projects
  • Quick recap or summary of items discussed in the task description
  • Adding followers for participants and or absent team members to review the notes later
  • Documentation of follow up tasks created for reference

Question 4: Which of these are good ways to update your team in Asana about your progress on strategies you own? (check all that apply)

Answer 4:

  • Attach a file with applicable results, reports or files
  • Post a comment with an update
  • Mark my task as complete once I’m finished

Question 5: How can you share files with your team in Asana?

Answer 5: All of the above

Question 6: How can you make your meeting agenda project collaborative? (check all that apply) 

Answer 6:

  • Add your meeting participants as project members
  • Post a conversation encouraging your team to add topics
  • Add existing tasks from other projects for added context
  • Present the meeting agenda project during the meeting and designate someone to take notes

Question 7: How do you mark a new hire onboarding project as a template?

Answer 7: Click the “Save as Template” option from the project header menu

Question 8: You can add external partners, such as agency workers or vendors, to your tasks or projects by typing in their email address in the “Followers” box or “Add Members” box.

Answer 8: True

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