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What is the best tool for saving and sharing beautiful screenshots?


Looking for software so you can save your screenshots and then share them in a beautiful way? Here are our top picks: Cleanshot A super powerful replacement for the macOS tool. CleanShot X provides over 50 features making it the ultimate screen capturing tool.   Screely Instantly turn a screenshot into a browser mockup. Generate website mockups instantly without complicated software in...

Creating A NameCheap Domain Name Parking Page


Create your own Namecheap Domain Name Parking Page So, you’ve got too many domain names registered through Namecheap and you’re looking to start selling them. You want to have them listed for sale but would love to have someone looking for your domain name be able to type in your domain name and get redirected to a Namecheap Marketplace parking page so they can make a purchase...

Seth Godin’s WordPress Theme?


So you want to design your blog like Seth Godin’s new WordPress theme? First, the backstory, Seth Godin had his old blog on Typepad for years before moving to WordPress and setting up his website with a minimal WordPress theme, including a simple left sidebar with widgets. Seth’s website design was done by Noah Grubb. Want something close? Try this. Theme Burger Factory (free) by Alex...

Naturopath Freelance Writer


Question: I’d like to do freelance writing in the naturopath space, any advice? Answer: Sounds fun! I’ll split up my advice into the work you can do for others and the work you can do on your own website. Naturopathy freelance writing Some basic steps to getting started in freelance writing as a naturopath are: Study naturopathy Do a small amount of free work to build a portfolio so...

Need Help Setting Up An Interactive Email Campaign System


Question: We’re content creators who are looking to produce ongoing, interactive emails and would like for you to help us set up a more automated system. Some subscribers may join in on an ongoing campaign while others may always start at the beginning of a series. We’re looking for someone who has experience integrating with systems like Typeform, Formfacade and other google...

Complex PDF editing/creation


Question: We are looking for some guidance in the best way to digitize some complex test certificates. Some of the certificates may need to be partially completed and then finalized at a later date. We currently use google drive for cloud storage and we have built a google site that’s used as an internal web portal. The employee will need to access the web portal and then somehow fill in a...

Need tech savvy person to help connect Zapier, Airtable, OneSignal, and Typeform for business


Question: We have a two sided marketplace; User 1 and User 2. We have begun using Typeform, Airtable, OneSignal and Zapier to create this work flow. User 2 completes a registration form (Typeform) User 1 completes a request form (Typeform) User 2 receives request form (OneSignal Push) User 2 sends a price to User 1 (We are using another Typeform linked from push) User 1 receives price (OneSignal...

Developing a Virtual Hub for a School


Question: I am looking to create a virtual hub for a university but need advice on what platforms to use. It would be a digital platform that builds familiarity with the both the spatial and experiential aspects of attending the university, that takes students on a journey while being intuitive, accessible and engaging. Here are some examples for styles: We like the linear route approach taken in...

Typeform Expert Review


Question: We’re an eCommerce company who are using Typeform for a range of systems we use. This includes lead generation, lodging product tickets, customer service complaints and more. I need an expert with expertise not just with Typeform as a tool, but with understanding the requirements of eCommerce stores. I’m looking for a conversation via video chat with an expert to go through...

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