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I’m building a website aiming to create an online learning portal


Question: I am looking to build a website which includes a payment & booking option but need help setting it up with the right software. I would like a ‘log in’ section for teachers & students where teachers can easily upload results from tutoring exams and the website would provide many statistics/charts to summarise the child’s performance. The child would be able to...

Creating a Social Media Strategy Process for my Web Design business


Question: I am looking for some help with my social media strategy process. I run a relatively new web design and e-commerce consulting business and need help getting more interactions and engagement on my social media accounts that convert to paying clients. I am currently posting 3 times a week, Monday Thursday and Sunday, but have been getting very little response from my posts and the...

Podio app development


Question: We need Podio app development advice and development help. See the details below. Strategy Use Podio as main tracking system for all builds from lot lead tracking and purchase to final inspections, leveraging automation to increase effectiveness. Tactics Develop an all-inclusive Podio experience with multiple workspaces, apps and automations that build off of existing infrastructure to...

I need a backend/customer portal to our existing Wix website


Question: Our organization needs advice on the best platforms for building a back end employee and customer portal which may be integrated within our current Wix framed website if possible. If no plugins make this possible, then we will build a separate back end website and link it to our frontend WIX based website. We have 4 types of Users: User, Super User, Admin User, Super Admin User: What...

I need a Typeform / Intake Form Expert – Complex form architecture, funnel optimization & connecting to CRM


Question: Our team uses a very complex Typeform and we heard that you were an intake form expert, someone who can streamline a funnel. We also heard that you’re a business solutions architect who can help us streamline it. Where we are at in the process: – We use Typeform Professional and max out all of its capabilities (we use I believe every custom feature/capability). – This...

Zoho help needed for mapping CRM territories


Question: I’m stuck trying to set up Zoho territories setup and assigning based on Geographic Locations at the Leads Level in Zoho. I am a single user and need to sort and prospect the leads based on their geographic location. I am in Melbourne, Australia and Propose to set up 5 Regional territories and 7 metropolitan territories. What is your advice for the simplest way to set up regions...

LMS career platform development help needed


Question: Our company helps high school leavers transition to college and college students prepare and transition to the world of work. We intend to do this through self-evaluation assessments and short online courses. Could you give us advice on a simple LMS that can achieve this? Answer: The client asked for this to be answered privately. If you’ve got a similar question and need paid...

Need help to set up a TypeForm for Airport Shuttle Booking + STRIPE payments


Question: I have started a TypeForm but am stuck on: Adding Dates and Address questions Stripe integration w/ pricing based on which airport and zip code traveling to or from (use TypeForm calculator) to assign pricing Making sure the customer gets an email and text receipt after payment Making the form more user friendly, I think I need to cut out / simplify questions Answer: The client asked...

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