David J. Lieberman, Ph.D

Rich’s professionalism is exceeded only by his pleasantness. He worked with me on setting up my online course and from beginning to the end, was a HUGE help and equally important, he is such a pleasure to work with. He’s a super talented guy and I look forward to working with him again, soon.

Simon Bedard

I had known of Richard for about a year before I even met him. Rich’s name kept coming up when I was chatting to people about how to solve some our tech problems without having to bring in a team of very expensive people. We were looking for help in a range of areas from setting up our CRM, email marketing and automation, surveys and online diagnostics, online educational tools & programs, and even how to set up an online marketplace.
I was immediately struck by how generous Rich is with his knowledge and time, but also the sincerity with which he approaches his work. He is an extremely knowledgeable and talented person, which was obvious from the start, but his commitment to helping find the right solution was really appreciated, as many other consultants try to fit you into their model, instead of getting to the heart of what you need and offering a tailored solution. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rich to any company, big or small. He is the type of person who sets the bar high, and still manages to exceed expectations.

David Liss

When you have an idea and are unsure how to execute and take the idea or project to fruition Rich is your guy! No matter the vertical – Richard and I have worked on several projects together where I’ve had an idea that I presented to him and he was able to take the idea all the way through to production! I look forward to many more projects together!


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