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Question: Background
I am creating a new Software sales, business development and outsourcing brokerage/management firm. I am wanting to setup a software development project sales funnel system, combined with Project Management.
Customers can visit our website will allow for anyone to submit a services request enquiry form.
We act as independent sales, business analysis and PM broker for a number of outsourcing firms based in various counties, Romania, Poland etc.
The sales agents will be independent contractors based in local areas and will build relationships with client and prospective companies to deliver the solution.
If lead vetted and of value then a pre-Sales technical team appointed: Project Manager, Technical Architect, Developer(s), Graphics etc will be formed to assist in the sale. Will create prototypes and demos for client.

We need:
Sales Funnel
PM Tools to manage the Pre-Sales and client requirements.
Cross country
Ability to add to a centralised software requirements specification – essentially a number of people will define what the client needs, graphics, database schema, technical drawings etc. This needs to be kept online and in one place.
Everything online
Ability to handle commissions and payments online

Typical example of business model

Sales agent meets a client in London wanting to build a new mobile App
Agent will elicit more exacting requirements
Agent will build relationship with client.
Client pays for a demo, agent will select software development firms to build this
Client approves demo and project begins. Agent takes commission and passes project to software firms to develop
Agent will manage (if required) the project from a client relationship viewpoint.

From your requirements, it sounds like you need sales funnel software that can:
– have a webform to collect services request enquiries
– lead vetting feature
– custom fields for additional client information
– ability to get in touch with clients through the software

I’d recommend you consider using Pipedrive and set up in the following way:
– create a sales funnel for each region
– create a webform for collecting client enquiries on your website
– consider integrating PandaDoc ( ) if you need deal information to flow into proposals
– use the client messaging feature to send updates on the project
– have an extra pipeline for your sales team to use and keep track of software development.

I hope this helps narrow down your search!

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