P Plates

All P Plates used by Australian drivers look the same…but do they have to?

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When you look at all Australian drivers who progress past their Learner license (with L Plates), they have the same style of P Plate with a red/green letter on white or a white letter on red/green.

When looking into the rules around what typeface can be used for P Plates, we saw that the only restriction is that the P Plate can’t be in a script typeface.

After looking through a few hundred fonts, we settled on 20 that are clear and legible whilst still showing off some styling that shows individuality. We bought a great domain name and we’re experimenting with offering magnetic plates for sale.

With volume, cost & potentially price may drop so we’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Key learnings we’re looking for:

  • Physical product manufacture
  • Physical product pricing
  • Physical Product distribution
  • Physical Product fulfilment
  • Inventory