For some of our clients, our free audit opens their eyes to to see their whole process from start to finish and it’s enough to get them moving towards a better run system. For the rest of our clients, the audit process highlights areas that are:

  • stopping them from growing
  • unclear and lead to errors
  • repetitive and could be automated
  • not focused on their clients experience of their service

Through our Service Plan, we work with people who are growth & client-focused and who need a clear overview of their business. Depending on the situation, the advice and implementation can be delivered through:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Workflow diagrams
  • Stakeholder Map
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Service Blueprint
  • Persona identification
  • Jobs To Be Done framework
  • Difference Map
  • Software & tech stack advice
  • Human-centred design exercises
  • Bullseye Framework
  • Survey of trust events & client information processing mapping
  • Client Surveys

We create your tailored Service Plan within 10 business days based on phone/video chat discussions and can then move onto implementation assistance based on the recommendations.

Reach out if your business needs help in the areas of systems & processes.

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