Should I map out my customer experience in a diagram or on a whiteboard for our team?


I love that you’re open to viewing the work you do through the eyes of your customer! It is truly rare and I’ll explain why it’s rare before answering your question.

Consider my local medical centre. You walk in the front door, past a hand-washing station (is that for me?) and you’re greeted by a desk to the right, a large door to the left and two corridors. Which one do you choose? All the staff look busy but you walk up to the desk anyway. You tell them you’re booked in and they huff and tell you to go down the hall…but not before getting you to fill in a clipboard full of details whilst standing and whilst people are standing next to you #privacy. I could keep going on but if you step back for a minute, you’d see how no-one is looking at the customer experience because everyone is busy and no-one is responsible.

No-one gets fired for doing the basics of their job but plenty of clients fire your business for the job that no-one is responsible for…customer experience.

Now, back to your question. Yes, you should map out the customer experience either on a whiteboard or using a client experience app and the basic purpose is to breakdown each scene (picture a movie here) or touchpoint and rate it based on whether it works to move a client along towards their goal. I say it in this way as you’re not always trying to speed things up. You’re looking to build trust, give information along the way and make your client feel empowered, special and like they’ve got a tonne of value.

Start the customer experience map on a whiteboard, get your team’s feedback, alter it, get them to rate the client experience from 1-10 and then tackle the experience one scene at a time. Rewrite the movie and you might end up with a standing ovation at the end.

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