Should I use Notion for task management?


Question: I need help setting up my Notion and get me going on a functional task list and task management system within it. Found great videos but feels overwhelming to set up and get going.

I have lots of different projects happening at the same time with my business and personal life and like most of us… need a system that is very easy to use and not be overly complicated that will help me keep track of my to dos as well as the larger vision. I came across this video that seemed to point in that direction but setting this up seems daunting and I’m wondering if it’s ideal for me.

I need simple simple simple. I’m tech savvy enough to use more complicated systems but my mind and way of doing things needs simple tasks to make sure I do it. If it’s overly complicated and takes lots of time, I just won’t do it. Partly why I’d love someone to just set it up for me and teach me how to use it. Is Notion what I need?


Answer: I think you’re on the right track in wanting to manage multiple projects in the one space and wanting a simple system narrows down your options to a few systems like Notion, Asana, Trello, Airtable etc The great thing about Notion, Trello and Airtable are that they’re super easy to customise and structure in the way you want. The downside is that people often get the structure wrong and end up with complicated systems that are hard to fix. If you’re looking for simple but more structure, try Asana. If you’re looking for customisable, try Notion and consider setting up a tasklist view that also has categories for work, personal and other uses.

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