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Creating A NameCheap Domain Name Parking Page


Create your own Namecheap Domain Name Parking Page So, you’ve got too many domain names registered through Namecheap and you’re looking to start selling them. You want to have them listed for sale but would love to have someone looking for your domain name be able to type in your domain name and get redirected to a Namecheap Marketplace parking page so they can make a purchase...

Registering a .to domain name


For anyone looking to register a nice, short .to domain name for your social media sharing, it’s quite simple to: Register to .to name Add to bitly as your default URL shortener Add to Buffer so all posts are set up with your shortener Some examples of names that are currently available include: Delivering.to Shoot.to Hyperlink.to Clickthis.to TheRoad.to Plenty more available, including...