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Typeform Expert Review


Question: We’re an eCommerce company who are using Typeform for a range of systems we use. This includes lead generation, lodging product tickets, customer service complaints and more. I need an expert with expertise not just with Typeform as a tool, but with understanding the requirements of eCommerce stores. I’m looking for a conversation via video chat with an expert to go through...

What is the best software for running a wine club subscription?


It was so interesting looking at all the ways that people try to set up their wine club software for their vineyards. It should be relatively simple to run a wine subscription from your site but there are quite a few features that wineries want to have for their wine club member management: Integration with regular shopping cart Reports, reports, reports Customised shipping rates Recurring...

Why are there so many new online marketplaces popping up?


One reason is because there are more tools available to create online marketplaces. For single-sided marketplaces, people can use Shopify, BigCommerce or WordPress (with plugins). For two-sided marketplaces, people can use Sharetribe, WordPress (with plugins) or hire developers to create their marketplace. Other factors include: The costs are getting lower Shows like Shark Tank & The Profit...

How to manage gift vouchers online?


It’s been interesting looking at the systems behind gift cards, gift vouchers and generally sending some kind of credit to someone else through your website. It looks like your main options for allowing people to order gift vouchers or cards through your website are: They fill in a custom form (built using a custom form builder like Typeform) and then have someone use Word, Canva or...

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