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Need Help Setting Up An Interactive Email Campaign System


Question: We’re content creators who are looking to produce ongoing, interactive emails and would like for you to help us set up a more automated system. Some subscribers may join in on an ongoing campaign while others may always start at the beginning of a series. We’re looking for someone who has experience integrating with systems like Typeform, Formfacade and other google...

How do I integrate Thinkific into my WordPress website?


Further details of question: I’d like to know how to integrate our free online course onto our WordPress website. We need: a landing page for the free course to link my custom domain/subdomain DNS to your school make the Thinkific page resemble our website design (we have a style guide) include a BONUS at the final lessons to upgrade to the premium/paid course set an automation email...

A simple alternative to Mailchimp


We love the aesthetics, design, pricing and branding of Mailchimp but sometimes our time and money-poor clients are looking for simple Mailchimp alternatives that will make their newsletter creation & content creation easy. A quick list of simple alternatives are: โญ Revue – a simple link curation style email newsletter that starts on a free plan for under 50 subscribers and has paid...

Use ConvertKit? Make money on the side


If you’re using ConvertKit for your email marketing, here’s a quick tip that might help you make some money on the side. If you’re embedding a signup form on your website, you’ll copy/paste the code and you’ll see:   You can remove the default “Powered By” text but a better idea would be to jump over to the ConvertKit website, sign up to their...

How to be Everywhere – 13 Content Promotion Channels in 13 minutes


If you’re producing unique, useful content on your business website, you want as many people in your industry seeing the content as possible. How do you do this in an automated way? We’ll show you how to post to 13 channels in 13 minutes (might be a little longer for your first one!). 1st Step: Develop a workflow In your favourite software for creating reusable checklists (like...

I’d love to know if you have any best practices or resources you recommend for onboarding new clients.


Extra details of question I’d love to know if you have any best practices or resources you recommend for ‘on-boarding’ new clients. I’d like to automate a series of emails that goes out to new clients, starting with a welcome email and then additional emails based on information we need to collect. I’d like to start using Asana with this too. Where to start???ย ...

I hate email marketing but want to publish a free newsletter


I feel your pain on this one. Although it’s become so much easier to create and send out email newsletters using tools like Mailchimp, Mailmunch, Convertkit and Drip, it’s still quite fiddly to look through all the specs, work out the pricing (do I pay per list or per subscriber?) and then look at the best way to integrate the email sign-up form into your site. Do you use a pop-up...

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