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Where do I find a Business Process Engineer to help with our process?


Further details of question: We need advice on the best way to document and adjust our existing Business Process workflow. We use Pipedrive for our CRM and our Pipedrive filters trigger Zapier integrations. Our data requires examination analysis and reports We need help to: understand the current implementation document the status quo identify the low hanging fruit amend and improve the Zaps...

I need a daily email report of my Shopify sales


Shopify Daily Sales Report via Email If you’re looking to view your daily sales in your Shopify store, visit your Analytics > Reports tab or you can visit your Orders > All Orders tab and filter by your date range. Shopify daily sales reports are available on the regular Shopify plan, Advanced Shopify plan and Shopify plus plan. Where do I find the Shopify Sales By Day report? As...

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