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I want to build a new social platform that will enable people to share their possessions


Further details My idea is for my marketplace, the Beg&Borrow platform (app and or website) that will facilitate people sharing their possessions among trusted friends and existing community groups. I need it to have 5 functions: 1. Creation and admin of sharing groups 2. Listing of items that are available to be borrowed 3. Requesting items that you would like to borrow (that are not listed...

How do I make Sharetribe a membership platform?


Further details of question I am interested in customising my hosted Sharetribe marketplace, a platform using Ruby on rails.  Are you familiar with Sharetribe? If so, I’d like to make some small changes at this point such as a couple of landing pages (home page, subscription page) perhaps using Instapage integration.  I also need to incorporate money management with redirection to Chargebee...

How do I create a closed, private service provider, member portal?


Further details of question You are looking for someone to develop a website/web app that will have the following features: 1. Closed membership access platform consisting of members and service providers. 2. Members to be able to view services providers when accessing the backend/locked content and view their offered services/profiles 3. The ability for the members to order services from these...

Why are there so many new online marketplaces popping up?


One reason is because there are more tools available to create online marketplaces. For single-sided marketplaces, people can use Shopify, BigCommerce or WordPress (with plugins). For two-sided marketplaces, people can use Sharetribe, WordPress (with plugins) or hire developers to create their marketplace. Other factors include: The costs are getting lower Shows like Shark Tank & The Profit...

As a beekeeper…would you use an online marketplace “for beekeepers” to buy/sell products, exchange information with other beekeepers?


It does sound like using a marketplace would work the best for what you’re looking to do. If you’d said that you just wanted somewhere for beekeepers to exchange information then you could have looked at using the free Mighty Networks group or setting up a Facebook group. As you’re looking to create a place where people can buy or sell, I’d look into either using WordPress with a marketplace...

Can Sharetribe be used to build something similar to Kijiji or as a platform for matchmaking? How can I monetise such a market?


If you’re looking to build a classifieds website like Kijiji (Canada) or a marketplace like Gumtree (Australia), you could potentially use Sharetribe to build it but you will come up against some limitations in managing listings. Sharetribe is built more for, what I’ll call, persistent or permanent listings. These are marketplace listings where you list your product once and when it...

Schools Marketplace


What we used in building our peer to peer school uniform marketplace using Sharetribe. Categories KINDER ELEMENTARY/PRIMARY MIDDLE SCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL TERTIARY Order Types Sell School Uniform Barter/Trade Uniforms Request Uniform School – Lost Property School – Uniform Shop Listing fields & filters School Name Text Item/s (condition) Dropdown New, Excellent, Good, Fair, Varied...

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