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#1 – Five New Apps


Some apps for you to check out this week: Mooncamp – simple OKRs, check-ins in this cleanly-designed app. Submit Your Startup – the fullest list of websites where you can submit your startup to date. Koalendar – cute name for a simple calendar. Koalendar alternative? Try Acuity. HeyForm – a quick way to create forms and surveys for your business. HeyForm alternative? Try...

Need Help Setting Up An Interactive Email Campaign System


Question: We’re content creators who are looking to produce ongoing, interactive emails and would like for you to help us set up a more automated system. Some subscribers may join in on an ongoing campaign while others may always start at the beginning of a series. We’re looking for someone who has experience integrating with systems like Typeform, Formfacade and other google...

Need tech savvy person to help connect Zapier, Airtable, OneSignal, and Typeform for business


Question: We have a two sided marketplace; User 1 and User 2. We have begun using Typeform, Airtable, OneSignal and Zapier to create this work flow. User 2 completes a registration form (Typeform) User 1 completes a request form (Typeform) User 2 receives request form (OneSignal Push) User 2 sends a price to User 1 (We are using another Typeform linked from push) User 1 receives price (OneSignal...

Typeform Expert Review


Question: We’re an eCommerce company who are using Typeform for a range of systems we use. This includes lead generation, lodging product tickets, customer service complaints and more. I need an expert with expertise not just with Typeform as a tool, but with understanding the requirements of eCommerce stores. I’m looking for a conversation via video chat with an expert to go through...

I need a Typeform / Intake Form Expert – Complex form architecture, funnel optimization & connecting to CRM


Question: Our team uses a very complex Typeform and we heard that you were an intake form expert, someone who can streamline a funnel. We also heard that you’re a business solutions architect who can help us streamline it. Where we are at in the process: – We use Typeform Professional and max out all of its capabilities (we use I believe every custom feature/capability). – This...

Need help to set up a TypeForm for Airport Shuttle Booking + STRIPE payments


Question: I have started a TypeForm but am stuck on: Adding Dates and Address questions Stripe integration w/ pricing based on which airport and zip code traveling to or from (use TypeForm calculator) to assign pricing Making sure the customer gets an email and text receipt after payment Making the form more user friendly, I think I need to cut out / simplify questions Answer: The client asked...

I Need Help With An Online Sales Order Form/Catalog


Question: I am looking for advice on setting up a simple sales order – form/catalog/landing page/B2B/B2C which enables wholesale and retail customers to easily place office stationary orders.  My client (sole owner of one store) is not allowed to have an E-commerce store, as he is part of a franchise group and hence bound to a specific area.  The fact that he is not allowed to have an...

Setting up Processes with ClickUP, Airtable and Zapier


Question: We would love your support to setup our Recruitment Agency and Consulting Firm’s Automation Workflow using ClickUP, Airtable, Google Suite , Slack, Typeform, Harvest, Google Calendar, Zoom, Calendly and Zapier. We are looking to develop databases, with the potential to link them to our website in the future. We hope to automate and integrate all the workflow processes to ensure...

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