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  • Software for a modelling agency

    Further Details: I am starting a model/talent agency business and need a software to manage everything. Organize agenda, Calendar Talent bookings Send models package (pictures and videos) Accounting (invoices, billing) Website integrated (I am in the process of building a website) Here are some examples : https://www.mainboard.com/ https://www.mediaslide.com/ https://managerfashion.com/ I am a Mac user. I …

  • Using Asana In My Building/Construction Business

    Further Details: I’ve been considering using Asana in my building business but I’m open to suggestions. Ideally I would like the following: To be able to track hours everyday for my 5 workers and on what jobs they work on. We have 5-6 jobs going at anytime. I currently use a spreadsheet for every job …