Serving the small business community for the last 10+ years

My name is Rich Peterson and I’ve been building projects, giving advice and helping people online in the small business community for the last 10+ years. My main aim? To help people create more human-centred businesses that are meaningful, profitable and highly useful.


What is a human-centred business?

It’s a business that has a culture of continual improvement, where staff sweat the small stuff, where the machine is running better everyday and where people spend less time putting out fires and more time crafting better experiences.


What is Generous Work?

We’re a workflow coaching practice that learns by doing. We run 5+ projects at any one time (learning in the field), we answer reader questions and we create useful products that help small/medium businesses thrive. If you walk away with a more streamlined business, new strategies, 5x revenue, better insights or more calm, we’ve done our job.


How can you help me?

See advice we’ve given in public through our blog. Need comprehensive business advice? Get in contact to discuss our consulting options.