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  • How to improve a marketing, sales and onboarding process

    Question: We have a well-defined marketing, sales and onboarding process that currently relies on several tools, which are currently not integrated with one another (as we are unsure how to set these up). We are looking for someone to help us create workflow automation across several tool to reduce the number of times we have …

  • Automating workflow in a photography business

    Additional details of question: I run a volume photography business, and I need a piece of software that will let me automate workflow. I need to start entries with a form, and take them through an editing, and then a QA workflow which requires I update the database through additional forms. I’d also like to …

  • Using Pipedrive to full capacity in our sales team

    โ€‹Q:ย Can you set up automated reminders, call scheduling etc. i.e. the system generates and continues to generate reminders to the deal owner of action required? When we first set up Pipedrive I was manually watching deals across the group and then asking questions and prompting reminders and activities manually. Can we set this up to …