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This is the default text shown when someone completes a standard, partially-configured website form. To change it means you have to click through a few tabs and find what text to update. Does it ever matter that someone sees this?

Consider the customer journey from when they read some of your social media posts then eventually visited your blog then signed up to your newsletter then clicked one of the articles one day then decided that “YES” they wanted to commit and get in touch. It’s a big step that they make and then hope it doesn’t lead to salesy phone calls or email spam. They’re reaching out and want a human to speak to.

Then they get told their submission is received.

What next? When do they get a reply? What does filling in a contact form ever lead to for this company?

Make the process 10x easier by taking on some of these tips:

  • Prime the client by using wording like “Request a call back” “Get in contact and a member of our team will be in touch” before the form
  • Make the form modern, clean and branded
  • Make the form quick and simple to navigate
  • Have the post-submission field state the timeframe for getting a reply “We’ll email you within 1 business day” or show a short list of the steps that will happen next “We’ll email you within 1 business day to arrange an appointment with one of our lenders. You’ll be asked to bring along your X documents but we’ll discuss that in our email. Speak soon”.
  • Speak in a professional way with personality using consistent voice & tone
  • Consider having a link through to your blog or one of your social media channels. This ensures someone can take another step if required.

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