The near-perfect onboarding outreach email


For context, I was looking at CRMs for clients and thought I’d found the best CRM for my needs in a flashy, expensive CRM that did everything including walking your dog and making your breakfast. It wasn’t until I’d dived into the software that I found it didn’t fit my style and visibility needs. Too many clicks around to find information. To make a long story shorter, I ended up trialling OnePageCRM, even though I found the design slightly dated (mainly the colours and bold heading fonts #picky). Once I signed up, I actually found it versatile, clear and simple yet customisable. I’m still using it today for my sales pipeline!

As per most software programs, I got an outreach email from the founder. These can sometimes come from the area manager or the head of customer support and they’re either slightly pushy (join a webinar this week) or slightly deceptive (I”m personally reaching out to you…when it’s clearly automated) or just easy to delete. The one I received from Michael at OnePageCRM was the best I’ve received and I’ll explain why after:

Hi Rich,

Michael here, the CEO of OnePageCRM.

Even though I lead the company, I’m a natural “product person” and the user experience you get from our app means a lot to me.

Our users love OnePage and the focus it brings to sales, but if there’s anything that’s bugging you, even the smallest of issues that could be done better, I want to hear about it – so hit the reply button.

And ok, this is an automated email, but if you reply it comes directly to me and will be answered by me.

Best regards,

Michael FitzGerald

Reasons why I love this email

  • Casual professional tone – “Michael here”
  • Shows why he’s asking – product person, user experience
  • Qualifies that even small things that bug me matter
  • Clear CTA – hit the reply button
  • States that this is automated = honesty
  • States where my feedback will go = me knowing that my time investment in giving feedback matter
  • States that it will get answered directly by Michael = personal

Final thoughts…add personality, set a clear tone and make the benefits obvious.

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