The unique needs of a financial planning CRM


A CRM for a financial planning business in Australia needs to meet the unique needs of the financial services industry. Using the latest, secure, hosted solutions, we develop custom financial advice practice CRMs that allow you to:

  • Track sales leads
  • Manage financial planning clients
  • Create an intranet for employees to view Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Employee Handbooks, Common Files and more
  • Manage financial planning customer satisfaction surveys
  • Create to-do lists so employees can manage tasks on their mobile devices
  • Establish marketing campaigns, editorial calendars and content creation management
  • Manage ongoing projects
  • Enable chat & messaging between staff
  • Keep up-to-date with staff leave requests
  • Manage financial planning seminar or event bookings

Through our onboarding and staff education programs, we ensure that your CRM is tailored to your unique financial planning business needs.

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