Using Pipedrive to full capacity in our sales team


​Q: Can you set up automated reminders, call scheduling etc. i.e. the system generates and continues to generate reminders to the deal owner of action required? When we first set up Pipedrive I was manually watching deals across the group and then asking questions and prompting reminders and activities manually. Can we set this up to be automatic?
​A: Yes, you can set this up through the Pipedrive Workflow Automation where certain actions trigger automated actions. This can include moving a deal between stages, tagging a deal, when a new deal is created etc. See more details here.

​Q: What are the capabilities of producing quotes and invoices out of the system? Is it doable and is it straight forward and risk free?
​A: You’ve got options to create quotes and invoices out of the system using PandaDoc or using Xero. See the Xero integration details here.

​Q: Can you enlighten me with regard to capturing phone calls etc, in Pipedrive?
​A: Outgoing phone calls can be tracked if your sales rep is calling from the phone app (see more details). Pipedrive also has some more comprehensive phone solutions.

Q: What are some features you would recommend to make the system work harder for us and become more benefit in the sales process?
​A: Without seeing your whole customer journey, I’d assume the best ways to make your system work harder would be to find gaps in your process (i.e. where sales people are missing follow-ups or not inputting all information) and look to set up Activity reminders using the Workflow automation tool to act like training wheels so they get used to the new process. If you’re getting website leads, I’d look at setting up a website chatbot using their LeadBooster feature so you can qualify leads & potentially even schedule appointments directly from your site. If you’ve got set products that you sell and would like to streamline setting up deal values, you could use the Pipedrive Products feature to catalog your products. Sales people will then be able to select the potential products to be sold and this information could flow through into quotes and invoices.

Q: We now basically have a reasonable culture of inputting deals and some sales reps are inputting their meetings and activities in the activities area however only a couple do this. What is the best way for me to monitor sales activities and see what sales staff are doing with their time and so on?
​A: I’d look to bookmark some of the Progress > Reports page reports that contain the key metrics you’re looking to capture. The Activities added > by Users will help to see Activities per sales person whilst the Deal Progress > by Users will help you see the progress of deals (new deals would be Deals started > by Users). The Sales Performance reports will give a good indication of sales trends across your team.

​I hope this helps.

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