Using Podio as an insurance broker


What I’ve learned from working on automating some tasks for an insurance broker:

  • Email is the biggest time killer for insurance brokers. It’s not the tool, it’s the process. If you’re using your inbox as another to-do list, you’re doing things inefficiently and limiting your companies growth
  • Having silos of information is important
  • Having one or two places for tasks to be delegated should be the maximum
  • Setting up various workspaces in Podio ensures that your brokerage is able to use permission settings to limit who sees what information
  • Using automated workflows ensures that once a new piece of information arrives (like an online claim form, insurance application form etc), you’ll have the correct staff member get tasks auto-delegated to them
  • Having mobile access is key to running an insurance broker CRM system so sales staff can make notes, track time and update client records on the road

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