We need a podcast project management system for our VA to use


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We’re looking for a system that our Virtual Assistant can use to manage the podcasting process. We have an extremely detailed process laid out and we are seeking software to help us get the tasks accomplished on time and accurately.

The software system (or collection of software) will need to be used for:

  • Researching podcast topics based on criteria given
  • Booking studio time by coordinating multiple schedules
  • Coordinating podcast editing
  • Coordinating podcast guests
  • Publishing podcast following the proper format
  • Other tasks pertaining to the podcast process

What types of software do we need to help with our detailed podcasting process?


Answer: I’d definitely recommend speaking to a Systems Adviser to take your detailed podcasting process and have this translated across into checklists and stages within a project management software platform. The main points that will be considered are running a large number of projects, with each project being an episode, all in various production stages. By labelling, tagging, categorising or colour-coding your production stages, you’ll be able to ensure you have enough guests booked, research completed and ideas to meet your regular production schedule. You will be using appointment scheduling software for the podcast booking process and will use your project management software to handle all episode tracking. You may also look to use the email-in to a project functionality to have guests send in headshots, bio information and other pre-show information directly into their episode project. You’ll also be using reusable podcast checklists to ensure that all the podcast production and distribution is done correctly and in a streamlined way.

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