What business automation software should I use?


Further details of question: Our new online business is booming and we need help from a professional in business automation to find the right business automation software. We are a graphic design business selling digital products and we need help with automating the following:

  • project management (each of our designs has a theme and matching products) we need structure tracking progress and files also approving those files for listing in multiple locations.
  • tracking listing and links, SEO and keywords
  • storage and organisation
  • delegating staff
  • training and workflow

We are considering using Monday.com but don’t know if it’s the right choice.


Answer: Congratulations on your booming business! I would recommend getting more specialised advice from a Systems Adviser on specific software and can see that you have a need for software that visually shows the progress of projects through set stages of production and can handle the storage of files. If you’re looking to step up your business automation, I’d recommend design proofing software that makes the back and forth of design changes easier and more streamlined with a defined approval process. For SEO and keyword tracking, I’d recommend SEO software, keyword tracking software and a solid analytics strategy to measure performance. For monitoring staff, you could look to choose a project management software system with ERP capabilities and for training, I’d recommend setting up a video training library to use with current and new staff.

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