What the best software for creating webforms that send info to my project management software?


There are three main ways for you to have information flow through into your project management system:

  • Using the email-in feature to send data to a particular workspace, project or client record
  • Connect a webform builder like Typeform and have the information emailed in or synced using Zapier
  • Use the webform feature that comes with some project management software systems

Side note: The main issue that we see clients have is trying to have information flow from a client and then update the existing client project or record in their system. Updating a project or adding a comment through email or a sync is quite common but trying to link the information to a particular client record can be quite difficult.

In terms of project management software that includes the option for webforms, the two main systems that we recommend are:

From these two options, Podio offers more webform styling options and also allows you to have a webform be used to partially complete a client project or client record which can be helpful when you want a client to complete some details and then have staff internally complete the rest of the information.

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