Where do I find a Business Process Engineer to help with our process?


Further details of question: We need advice on the best way to document and adjust our existing Business Process workflow.

We use Pipedrive for our CRM and our Pipedrive filters trigger Zapier integrations. Our data requires examination analysis and reports

We need help to:

  1. understand the current implementation
  2. document the status quo
  3. identify the low hanging fruit
  4. amend and improve the Zaps, focusing on reporting
  5. document workflow improvement steps
  6. analyse the data being reported


Answer: I’d recommend that you speak to your Systems Adviser to use workflow documentation software to plan out your workflow. At the least, you could look to use a bullet-point list to write down the process for the first stage and then consider customer journey mapping software and service blueprint software to learn more about your workflow. It sounds like you’re using Pipedrive in a more advanced way and would have the built-in workflows set up with emails and activities being triggered. In terms of reporting, I’d recommend you looking into setting up a business dashboard to report on your KPIs as well as showing sales targets & company updates to staff. If you weren’t looking for live data, you could also look into data visualisation software that links up to online spreadsheet data to show your weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual performance.

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