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With the rise in collaborative workspaces and video chat sessions has come the need to be able to collaborate visually through online digital whiteboards. There main benefit over collaborating on documents and presentations is the real-time updates and the ability to work on a blank canvas together as a team.

Top picks for online whiteboards

  • Miro – previously called RealTimeBoard, this online whiteboard connects up to Zoom and Whereby, allowing your team to work on their whiteboard during meetings and sales calls.
  • Mural – helps you do visual teamwork with free and $12 per user per month options.
  • LucidSpark – clean design for this online whiteboard workspace with paid plans starting at $10 per user per month.
  • AWW App – generous free plan and has the paid option to embed a whiteboard on your website.
  • Microsoft Whiteboard – if you’re locked in with Microsoft products already, save yourself another monthly subscription & check this out.
  • Limnu – get your markers out, this whiteboard experience is getting closer to an in-person team meeting.
  • Stormboards – hmmm templates and great team features.
  • ExplainEverything – great for desktop and app use + recording feature.
  • Conceptboard – works well for complex whiteboards.

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