Why Weebly is like a tiny house


Let’s jump in to why I see Weebly like a tiny house:

  • It’s got limited options but you’ll find everything quickly
  • It’s hard to add extras to the build but it makes you more resourceful with what you’ve got
  • There are limited design options but it seems like people who build these are looking more for the home feel than architectural excellence
  • You can pack it up and move it (across states and domain names)
  • It has lower maintenance than a regular house
  • You can spend time researching around the internet, get a little help and eventually be able to build your own tiny house / Weebly website

As with all things, Weebly does have it’s place in website design. If you choose the right theme & customise it well (50% of the battle), you’ve got a good chance at having a site that will meet your basic needs without the headache of ongoing maintenance, plugin updates, other security concerns etc. Have a Weebly site? My main tip would be to preview other themes to see if you can meet your website needs in a more client-focused way. Maybe the slightly hidden menu doesn’t work well, maybe you need spacers between sections so it looks nicer on mobile, maybe you need some updated royalty-free stock photography – keep tweaking it but also stay open-minded to the limitations as you grow.

Now back to your tiny houses

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