Why you do mindless busy work


Grab a coffee, it’s late Friday morning and you’re getting admin done. Scan the forms, update the spreadsheets, send emails and make some phone calls.

There will always be some mindless busy work but, if you’re like 90% of the population, you’re doing too much. Your hourly wage isn’t producing a sustainable ROI and your finite number of years isn’t being lived to waste on taking the long way around.

Why do you do it? Why spend hours each week on the same roundabout?

Probably because you’re not in enough emotional or mental pain to force change. Probably because the groove worn in your brain that knows that long way around is so deep. Probably because it’s familiar, a break from thinking, produces a feeling of getting stuff done.

That’s all fine until you meet my clients. The one who had spent the last 20 years spending 10 hours per week on a set of tasks that could be automated for $20 per month. The one who spends 30 minutes per day downloading and uploading documents when it could be done automatically. I could give a hundred examples of people with precious, not to be wasted lives where they’ve made some changes that have helped them grow their business, free up an entire day per week, meant they didn’t need to hire an extra staff member… This is the work I’m passionate about, excites me about Monday morning and gives me the motivation to bring people through tough change moments.

Kill off mindless busy work and instead be mindful, be sustainably productive and do work that you’re proud to put your name on.

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Rich Peterson

I've spent the last 10 years planning, mapping & reimagining the processes of hundreds of SMBs. Whether the goal is more money, more time, more clarity or more customer smiles, my insightful process is worth every minute for my successful clients.
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