Work & Experiments: July 2018


July was a great month across our core businesses and side projects. Let’s dive into what we’ve been doing…

Generous Work

  • Built several websites for clients on WordPress, Squarespace, Carrd and Weebly (dependant on their business needs and desire to update themselves)
  • Built NPS-style surveys for clients
  • Produced content across all projects

System & Process

  • Worked for telecommunications company to implement systems to manage a complex database that would also be used for workflows, connecting to other parts of their business
  • Worked for financial services business to streamline the processes across their remote teams working in three countries. Set up PM software, CRM software and help desk software.
  • Set up workflows for several businesses, reducing their average work hours by more than 10%

Software Recommendations

  • Gave advice in the areas of recruitment agency software, field inspection databases, shared inboxes, membership websites and more.

Side Projects

  • Udemy teaching – bought in another 3,000+ students through our courses this month
  • Marketplace themes – add some new themes to our site for finding WordPress themes for building marketplaces
  • Find Affiliate Programs – added a tonne of content to help people find software-based affiliate & partner programs.
  • Healthy Geelong – pivoted the focus of our marketplace community to involve local health-related businesses
  • Software Trainers – experimenting with a job board concept for this month but may switch to a more vertically-focused niche

Lessons I’ve Learnt

  • Continue to build relationships through giving things away
  • Share what I’ve been learning
  • Stick to a content schedule
  • Take a broader planning view for newer startups
  • Making something remarkable makes it easier to market

Next Month

  • Continue to grow my marketplace
  • Serve my five upcoming System & Process clients
  • Stick to content schedule
  • Do more research into tools to solve business problems
  • Conduct system and process audits to help businesses
  • Be as generous as possible

About the author

Rich Peterson

I've spent the last 10 years planning, mapping & reimagining the processes of hundreds of SMBs. Whether the goal is more money, more time, more clarity or more customer smiles, my insightful process is worth every minute for my successful clients.
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